Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lockdown update:

It has snowed here. I am okay. Its almost gone.

My new roommate is a basset mix named Rocky. We are getting along like Cheney and the NRA.
Its nice to jump over someone my size.

My sissy is under storm alert 2007. Apparently the snow is so deep in the 509, she's tunneling her way out. It better be snowing when I arrive for Christmas.

My mom is almost a doctor, she needs to make sure she's one before I need my next shots.

ernest who would appreciate a cake with a file in it


Kerrio said...

A Basset mixed with WHAT?

And Ernest, I need to ask you - what is the "509"???

nm said...

Aunt Kerri,

The 509 is the telephone code that Phracey lives in.

Joe said...

she can keep that snow. yuck

Sophie Brador said...

E, We got a bunch of snow here too. Shoulder deep on me, so probably over your head, I would tunnel for you -- a sort of clearing of the path for my near presidential friend.