Friday, December 28, 2007

We have snow at Rancho Oxboro!

Click here to see myself and my homies.

ernest the snow dog


Kerrio said...

Excellent pictures Ernesto... you re not exactly suffering in exile are you?

Real winter wonderland sceery too :-)

Ivy said...

wowie! you guys look like you were hafing so much fun! i totally luv the snow and i am so jellus that you got it and i dont. i hope you haf a lot more fun out there! dont let your paws get too cold!

luv ivy the frustrated snowdog

wally said...

Your homies are the hotness. Looks like great fun! The real New Years party is not in Times Square but at Rancho Oxboro.


Sophie Brador said...

Looks like a blast to me! But Ernest, how are you dealing with your feelings for Phracey?


Anonymous said...

Ernesto is having great fun in the winter wonderland. Phrace and Ernest are running around trying to roll Flat Coats in the snow. The success rate is zero for Lola and about 90% of Timmy. Ernest was happy that there were two lambs born before Christmas but does not understand why he can not roll the lambs in the snow. His project for the day is to to work on his roads program for when he is elected. Hs mission is to find an environmentally friendly, low cost method of applying liquid salt to the roads. He will be using the driveway for testing. I have no doubt but that he will come up with a totally brilliant solution.

Mama Stephanie