Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gulp. This is the first true Tuesday in November. One year from now you all will be voting for me to be president.

Must get out and get cracking on that campaign.



Sophie Brador said...

E, You have my vote, although I don't know that it makes any difference. From what I hear, they still don't care what Canadians think.


2shibas said...

You have our vote - locked, licked, and guaran-peed.

Wiley & Fievel

Kerrio said...

We'd vote... but we are undesirable aliens.


Sparky said...

I will vote for you, Ernest!


Ben_Benjamin said...

You have my vote!!

wally said...

Go President Ernesto!

And I hope wish your TH mom good luck defending her dis-hurt-tation. We will keep our paws crossed.

My ma ape probably doesn't have good advice about the actual defending bit because she doesn't think she was so good at it. But she does have THIS piece of advice--remember where you park your car! She drove to campus (which she never did) and parked in the underground lot and she was so nervous getting to the defense that she FORGOT where she parked it and after he defense it took her over an hour to FIND HER CAR! HAHA! She's so dumb sometimes. So if she can defend her dissing, I"m SURE your mum can.