Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have been very busy working on my position papers on various subjects that are important to my consituents.

Phracey has been emailing me and asking me to take stances on Fisheries Enforcement, which is something that is out of the realm of the moms and today, illegal immigration.

That is, the immigration of unwanted cats into Rancho Oxboro.

I am thinking and talking to my advisors.

Its hard work getting ready to run for president, not only do you have to watch what the paparazzi catch you "doing", but you have to form an opinion on thing other than squeakies, cats (wanted and unwanted) and which autumn squash should you try this week.

ernest who hopes to sleep on it


Kerrio said...

The SUMDs would like to know what your foreign poilicies are going to be. Namely will you allow the free movement of Wolfhounds across the Atlantic? (one way will do) (east to west)

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You better start sizing up the competition. It looks like Martha is also running. Not sure what her position is on cats or turkeys, but best to keep your skeletons hidden.


an ardent supporter and honourary American (as per Wally). But I still can't vote so it's all meaningless.

wally said...

I suggest we build a fence. Around the cats.

I am very excited for your TH mom. Do you have a big party planned? And yes, I still love a Beaver. That sounds filthy but is not meant to be.


Angeerah said...

I suggest universal dogcare as a platform. Just a thought

Finny (via his mama)