Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today I was super busy and up super busy. I did not go shopping but I was a pacer and cheerer for the Seattle Marathon and Half Marathon. was silly enough to sign up for the race. TH mom was nice enough to take me for several walks that could have taken me on if she wasn't trying to walk/run in a straight line. TH mom took me to mile 7.5 in the Washington Park Arboretum where I am the honorary basset of the Arboretum Foundation. There we served as pacers for as she came through our section. We then took her jacket and handed her a beverage.

I was scritched by many walkers and some runners.

Later, I moved towards the finish line and provided moral support at the end.

I bayed and howled when people started clapping and yelling for the participants.

It was fun.

I am getting ready for my racing season -- the furry 5K, the valentines run and the Whidbey Island Half Marathon.

ernest running with the devil


Sparky said...

That sounds like a fun race! I wish I could've joined in!


wally said...

WOOOOOOO! You and your rock. Did you use plenty of anti-chafe materials on your half-marathon?