Friday, November 23, 2007

It is cold here, that means that my moms take pity on me and turn the heat up.

I could live with this.

I understand from my sister it has snowed already in the 509. I'm hoping that it snows while I'm there, but not before to stop my return to my roots. You know how GWB spends all his time in Crawford fixing fences and eating popcorn while watching old Mayberry episodes? I'll spend my time at Rancho Oxboro trying to deal with issues such as immigration, the farm bill, trade deficits and animal rights. I believe the tv will be off limits.

My mom posted some pictures of me that will appear on my non-partisan non-religious generic holiday greeting that she has offered to send to my blogging friends if you send me an email or peemail if you want, but she can't read it.

my email is ernestpuppy AT gmail Dot communist

I will be happy to personalize all cards and I will not send your addresses to my committee to elect me until after all your holiday bills have been shredded or hidden underneath the doormat.

Ernest who ho ho hos with the best of them


Lizzy said...

It's cold over here, too. I'm hoping it snows soon!


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, I sent you my address. I trust you to shred it. Please use your teeth and not one of those energy sucking machines.