Monday, November 19, 2007

I have managed to stay alive and relatively healthy this past week.

Today I was bathed in preparation for my Thanksgiving Eve speech and pardoning of all turkeys, turkduckens and tofurkeys that I may encounter. I also am forgiving all indiscretions caused by dogs that indulge a little too heavily in stuffing and sweet potatoes. I do smell good and if I pass muster I may get to jump onto grandmere's very light colored couch, when she's not looking.

I celebrated an early Thanksgiving with the moms. I was incarcerated during most of the meal but was allowed to greet my public and scored my own slab of hubbard squash so all is well.

ernest who is thankful each and every day he's allowed to blog


Kerrio said...

Ernest you have a heart of gold.

Have another stuffing ball...

Joe Stains said...

your own bit of squash is definitely something to be thankful for! so are our blog friends!