Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks cleo!

Today I went to my gp&gms house for dinner. Mom gave me a treat, a bird from Cleo. I am in love. I honked all during hors d'oeuvres and then came by to see what was left when they sat down for dinner.

I was pretty good. No indoor boxes were marked by me.

Nmom was home most of the day, doing stuff without bassets, but I did see Minty, Finnegan, Rowena (a person) who met me and I got to jump on and then pulled my stake out of the ground when a golden retriever came by.


Instead of bbq, I had a bone. I am still looking for it, it seems to have disappeared.

Raw bbq

I'm sure I'll find it tomorrow. Right?

TH mom! Have you seen any dall's porpoises? porpii?

I can't wait until you are home. I need a break from

ernest the puppy friend to all


Joe Stains said...

hm a honking bird sounds delightful. I think that bone might have ended up where my bones end up, and I have no clue where that is. I turn my back for a second and its gone!

Anonymous said...

E-dd -

Three Dall's porpii helped us with the last station. They seemed to think that we were worth a look see. It was calm and almost sunny so we had fun watching them.


Does Emily Post approve of honking during the appetizers? Or is that better held for after dinner?

wally said...

Ooooh--I wish I could visit my gma and gpa. Or yours. They are always generous. Do you miss TH mom? Do you need more bones to soothe the pain? Or fresh pasta?


ps. Even my ma ape won't touch that soy cheese stuff.