Saturday, May 24, 2008

After 15 minutes of zooming in the back garden

Today it was hot. Not so hot as last weekend, but since nmom abandoned me to go walk 10 miles with the hotties, I felt obliged to be a pain in the arse.

Well, not really, but on our pre-dinner/post nap walk I had to roach and flat basset seven times. She is threatening me with stimudenting during this period so that my teeth get cleaned.

I know Wally's ma ape spends a bunch of her weekends volunteering at the Delaware ASPCA, but my nm mom spends her weekends walking miles and miles and miles without me!

Leaving me at home, all alone, to guard the house.

Poor me.

If you loved me, would you see to donate to her cause and get her less obsessed on making her goal and more obsessed about the final few primaries.

Her page, no mention of me, dogs are not allowed on this event. Whatever.

ernest who is currently wondering if th mom can send him some cooler weather


Joe Stains said...

we got some cool weather here recently, it is great. but soon it will be blazing hot again!

Anonymous said...

Ernest -

We have cooler weather, but it comes with roll, pitch, and yaw. Making for poor napping.

Your choice, dude.