Monday, June 04, 2007

The colors have been chosen.

Woodwork will be bluebonnet. Walls will be crystal lake.

Primer looks very nice on basset ears!

e. d. d.


Megan said...

Only on Basset ears..? surely you should use the whole Basset for painting purposes.......

Unknown said...

Hi Ernest-no :)

I'm Tofu-Burger, 'Tofu' for short or 'Burger' for fun. Sophie introduced me to you, we both live in Seattle. Just dropping by to say HI.

Your vegan delight

wally said...

Everything looks better on basset ears.


. said...

Ernest, do not let them photograph you with blue ears. You lose any small chance you ever had of winning a red state!


Ky and Ko.

Anonymous said...

Every thing looks good on basset ears.