Saturday, June 16, 2007

Map of my lockdown, click on the pins to see specific things.

I'm in for a while. I'm making the best of my weekend.

I'll be waiting to be sprung, Tofu burger, I'm counting on you!




Sophie Brador said...

The prison looks nice from the sky, but I'm sure it's some awful hell hole. I'm sending you a file in a tennis ball, marked with a V. No particular reason except that it has a V on it. Maybe it belonged to some guy named Victor once. I don't know. The important thing is, there will be a file in it, and if you can just quickly grow some thumbs, you can make your great escape. See you on the outside comrade!

Tofu Burger said...

I see plenty of unmarked delivery trunks parked right adjacent. I will be in the poultry trunk, no one will suspect a vegan delight within. In light of poultry, I'm sure your nose will know! Meet ya at the loading dock... we will escape undetected amongst the activity. My ma will have our get away vehicle running and waiting.

After our escape, Ernest you will never have to go back there, we will wait for your moms return at my residence. We have raccoons, and peanut butter fill our days!!

See ya on the outside Brotha!


Tofu Burger said...

Ps. Ernest-o... the last pic in my post was from the Bellevue Park. It is across the street from Bellevue Square Mall. An un-official 'off-leash' get together for humans and nice doggies a like.

Baron Von Woofer said...

Hi Ernest... just wanted to drop you a quick note. Love your blog. You inspired me to start my own.