Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My life has seriously improved the reappearance of trout and sweet potato kibble and a new squeaky!

My first squeaky died and moms tried to find an equivalent.

They say it cost more to ship said squeaky than the price of the squeaky. It is very big and has a pronounced painful long yelpy squeak, much like henrietta, but different.

I was happy to see it.

I am no longer ignoring, she is making me more pasta.



Kerrio said...


I'm glad things are looking up (where else is there to look from Basset height?)

But - you can never go back to your first squeaky, it's one of those life experiences you just have to embrace.


Snogs from the sleepy SUMDs

Kerio & co

wally said...

Well done! With such skills in persuasion surely your presidential bid will be successful.


Sophie Brador said...

Well done, Ernest!

Toby said...

I see your Mom has finally asked for forgiveness. Make sure she gives you an extra heaping portion of pasta.