Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doing my best Ko imitation.

I went to the groomer today. says my bathing room is not quite done yet and Uncle David was coming and well, she needed to make sure I was somewhere for the day.

I was tired when I got home. I collapsed on the carpet.

TH mom came home from Berkeley (I have never been, but I know it is close to Ko) and brought me fresh lemon and ricotta ravioli from the Pasta Shop. I thought it was quite acceptable. told me not to get too excited. I did anyway.

Seems that they are getting ready to ship me off to ten days of the Academy including four days of training.


I think I better be better or else.



Kerrio said...

Oh no - TEN whole days in the slammer? Shall we organise another jail break?

I guess that means no Ernest-o updates too :(

Snogs from the SUMDs

wally said...

You have to go to BOARDING SCHOOL? Sheesh. Do you guys sneak out and smoke ciggies?

I volunteer to help the SUMDs in your jail break.


wally said...

Ernest--the comic site is It's free. You'd make a lovely cartoon. I'm a bit fuzzy since I'm one toned. You're many toned.


Sophie Brador said...

Okay, Are your moms going conference crazy or what's the deal? Enough traveling already. Ernest, you must tell them that enough is enough ... ├ža suffit!

On the other hand, you could use this next ten days to totally guilt them beyond reason until they buy you incredible things. Bones and chairs come to mind.

BTW, you have a lovely nose. Have I mentioned that?

Kyre. said...

Ernest, don't fret about the academy. Think how good it will be on your resume for your campaign! Think about the contacts you will make! It is an opportunity!

Oh, and gimme your nose.


Ky and Ko - who are sad your mom was almost here but really wasn't at all.