Thursday, June 28, 2007

I received my postcard today from the moms. They send me postcards from everywhere they go that is worth sending a postcard from - for example, the store doesn't count or work.

I wonder if TH mom will send me a postcard from the DFW airport, she could be there for a while.




Kerrio said...

Is it flooded in Dallas TOO?

Ernesto - I am sending you special Kerrio snogs. I need a Basset.

wally said...

Do you get presents? I always demand presents upon return. Even from the store or the post office.

My onkel's nickname is Ernesto but, alas, he is not a basset.

I hope the moms get out of Dallas. What a rotten place to be stuck.


Finnegan said...

What nice mommies!


Baron Von Woofer said...

Hey! Dallas is very nice! Just not when we are being flooded.

Hope your moms gets back soon... my parents are leaving next week... they better bring treats when they return!

Sophie Brador said...

Maybe you will get a message in a bottle from Dallas ... but please don't start emulating Sting if you do.