Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm really okay.

They promise me I'll be sprung on Monday and tomorrow is the last day of training.

I think they were at home for a bit but could not spring me.

I hope they didn't redecorate while I was gone.



Would everyone buy a free ernest tshirt? Mom will make them,if you think they'll pay for my lawyer.


Kerrio said...

They were home and did not spring you???


About this training stuff. Are they teaching you to do earstands yet? Your adoring public needs to know.

Maggie said...

They were home and they didn't free you?? That's not very loving at all! I sure hope after all you've been through, the rewards will be grande!

Love ya lots,

Toby said...

What??? They didn't free you yet??? OMD!! I say you start selling those shirts in bulk to pay for a top notch lawyer.


Kerrio said...


Only one more day-o



PS these verification strings are getting silly. I think the work generation engine is on some serious drugs.

Sophie Brador said...

I don't wear clothes, even for a cause as magnificent as this one. But my mom has a friend who is an aboriginal rights lawyer, so if you check your bloodline, she might be willing to do this one pro-bono for you. (that's bonO, Ernest, not bonE and NOT Sonny ... I believe he's dead anyway).

Kyre. said...

Oh Ernest, don't fret.

Even you can wait one more day.

Much affection,

Ky and Ko.