Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am tired. I ran/walked quickly the Furry 5K.

Wally, you and I would have rocked bud.



Kerrio said...


We are very impressed, can we sponsor you retrospectively?

The SUMDs. (and Kerrio who drives the credit card.

Amanda Wheeler said...

Furry 5k. That's adorable.

Surely that knocked him out for a while.

We took Molly canoeing yesterday, and she's still tired!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Ernest, I just love seeing your pic....its kinda special.

wally said...

Dude--I did the Furry 5K in 03. Still have the t-shirts, in fact. I was so tired I had to be carried to the car (which was far away and uphill). True story.


Kyre. said...

e.t.p? ernest the pooped?

Make up for all that work with some serious chair time, buddy.

Your picture is phenomenal.

Many smoochies!


Jenn said...

Looks and sounds like some serious napping is in order.

I LOVE this photo! I just wuv the basset paws.