Monday, June 18, 2007

The waiting begins.

It is really only one week, but since I'm a dog, its really seven weeks. I didn't mean to make anyone worry.

I went in peacefully and so far, I am not doing any type of Paris Hilton stuff.

They even let me take my bed.




Kerrio said...

What about Henietta? Did you take Henrietta?

Amanda Wheeler said...

Awe pooe Ernest. That's a long week.

nm said...

no henrietta, she's a drama queen.

Finnegan said...

Should we make Free Ernest t-shirts?


Kerrio said...

Well - we tried the Free Ernest posters, but we had to pay people to take them.



nm said...


Ernest who is working on off and no jump.

according to the warden at the academy.

Kerrio said...

Ernest who is working on off and no jump.

You have NO idea how long that sentence took me to work out!

wally said...

Poor Ernest. Is this jail or rehab? Whatever..FREE ERNEST!


ps. If it's cooler where you are I might stay.

ToFFee said...

Hi Ernest!

I chanced by your blog.

Awww.. I hope you're going to be alright.. are they giving you an prange shirt or a black and white striped one?


Tofu Burger said...

Hey Ernest, hope you are still receiving your comments! Free Ernest! I have started a campaign for your freedom


Ben_Benjamin said...

hmm...Ernest. I still dont get it. Where are you ??

Golden Dreams said...

oh, we were sent to lockdown wasn't pretty.