Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Not having any of the chicken oatmeal kibble as my welcome home foodage.


Kerrio said...


Just a little more cold shoulder.
Make your displeasure felt!

It maks the eventual forgiveness all the more effective...


Baron Von Woofer said...

At least you have a comfy looking couch! They'll come around...

wally said...

I can feign displeasure at my apes when they neglect me but I can never take it out on the food.


Sophie Brador said...

Aaaw, Ernest, look at you. You are still just an itty bitty guy. Or did they finally buy you a giant sized chair that makes you look itty bitty.

I certainly don't blame you for going on a hunger strike. How dare they leave you! If you stop pooping too, that will really freak them out.

nm said...

I do look small, but that is because I am impersonating a cutworm.

I am big! Super big! Able to leap golden labs in one bound!


Annebelle said...

Your fasting is not going unnoticed I am sure. Gandhi himself would be proud. What I find that really helps is to walk slowly past my girl, give her a long forlorn look over my shoulder, heave a heavy sigh, and with head hanging low walk on. It gets her everytime!


Anonymous said...

Be careful or the people will not let you come to play in July. I went on a hunger strike but all that happened is Jedi ate my food. You will have to teach me.