Friday, June 08, 2007

Just for Kerrio.

Me and my ball.




Kerrio said...

Thankyou e!

I feel much better now.

Curiously, there has been talk of age gaps and the posibility of a new puppy, but life styles would not alow for it right now.

Which is a shame, cos Tealeaf would LOVE a puppy. (You can se how much he enjoyed General Jackson once he got past the big ears.....).

Nice ball Ernest... do you fetch?

Snogs from the dogs


nm said...

Yes, I do fetch! I love fetch. doesn't think they can handle another me right now.


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You may have noticed that I have not been around much in the past few days. I am very busy considering the religious life from my swank digs at Possum Place. But I do think you have the most divine nose I have ever seen and this is making me lean more towards remaining a civilians than becomes a doghter of god.


wally said...

You fetch? I let the SUMD in the house handle that. Then when she brings it back, I steal it. Your nose is divine, though.


General Jackson said...

Great nose Ernest. That picture would have gone down well on Red Nose Day!



Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Ernest, I have a red ball too & I like it soooooooo much. I do play fetch with my hooman but I never give themthe ball after that.