Thursday, June 07, 2007

My halfs, courtesy of Joe Gonyeau.

Here are my half brothers, I am going to call them - Huxtable and Horatio! Click here to see more of them. They do stack well. I wonder if they can stack on top of eachother!

They are cute, but my sister is getting bored with them as they are a big time suckage of Mama Stephanie and it means I can't visit Phracey, Lola and Jedi, which bums me out. After all, it is asparagus pulling out of the ground season.

I think they are spoken for, or you could adopt them, if you can pass a few small tests.

1. Can you spend 18 hours a day being watchful for said puppies eating cigarette butts, poisonous mushrooms, leftover easter candy and stray buttons?
2. Are you up for 18 visits an hour to the front lawn for ablutional events?
3. Are you willing to give up your bad habits of leaving your laptop, expensive leather purse and divine prada flats (guilty!) on the floor when you get home from work?
4. Are you willing to give up a leisurely dinner as you once knew it to let said dog out (see question 2)?
5. Are you willing to have your heart broken if this puppy decides he likes your partner more than you?
6. Do you promise not to kennel them all day and then come home and not be bothered to take them out for at least four walks before dinner? They need attention!
7. Can you provide for them a udon dinner, with extra sweet potatoes, organic cookies and lots of cherry tomatoes when they want it?

If you can pass this test, you can have one of my half brothers!


e. the basset broker


wally said...

Can I have them? I would raise them as if they were my own. Which is to say I would be bossy. And also I would stack them and climb up the tower of hounds to reach the counter. I would share the bounty but save the lion's share for myself.


Headgirl said...

OK, I can do all that & more...
Can I have a puppy then?


Tealeaf said...

I've always wanted a puppy of my own... and the buggers bought me KuBrin.

Molly the Airedale said...

How adorable they are!

Love ya lots,

Amanda Wheeler said...

Oh what gorgeous little puppies! But no thank you. Our 1 1/2 year old basset is barely trained. I can't imagine starting all over again. Well... maybe!

Great site!

Finnegan said...

We'll take them! They are soooo cute!!! Mommy would need to start putting her shoes within in the closet not near the closet. She has too many shoes.


Kerrio said...

Could you PLEASE post another blog entry and push those nasty puppies off the front page before I am tempted? (GJ's mum is also having another litter... oh dear).

. said...


Please convince Ko that she would benefit from a Basset puppy. Soon.