Thursday, July 12, 2007

After a very hot night, I finally managed to finally get some sleep.

Yes, I am asleep.

Yes, I am very comfortable.

Tomorrow I go back to lock down for the weekend.

Free me.




Lock down again??? OMD

nm said...

Yes Casper, lock down. Moms are abandoning me again to go to Canada.

They are mean.


Maggie said...

My comment was going to be that you sure don't look very comfy to me but then I read about lockdown again! You look very comfy - you're HOME and this is YOUR sofa!
Bummer Ernest!

Love ya lots,

Kerrio said...

Oh No Not again!

Flat basset on the sofa - here we come....

Joe Stains said...

that doesnt look too uncomfortable, I sleep like that sometimes. I am sorry to hear about your incarceration!

Sophie Brador said...

I love your little front paw all tucked back like that. You are too much, Ernest. But you really have to get a handle on your apes. This lock down is out of control.

New Texan said...

I usually sleep like that, but opposite... head slumped over the edge.

Hope lockdown isn't too bad this time. Make them give you treats when you are sprung.

wally said...

You're like my sissy. She's always flopped over something. She never even manages to get her whole body into her bed.

My friends Buko, Narra, and Jacks are in Seattle. I will tell them to spring you and bring you eastward. Except then we'll have to come back to Seattle because I'd rather be there.



Lock down again, your mommies are such meanies

Frankie Doodles

Finnegan said...

That is an awesome photograph!