Thursday, July 26, 2007

I hate Thursdays. Thursdays mean obedience class.

I am not obedient, well, not very.

My is going to Texas tomorrow which means that TH mom gets to take care of me. They'll be no martingale collars and naysaying.

Thank goodness.

I wonder in n. mom can get a posting in Siberia.



Kerrio said...

Ernesto - you will miss her, you will!

Now about these obedience classes. They are not for dogs, they are for humans, so you have to take your people there to train them.

"Bassets don't obey, they occasionally acquiesce"

Snogs etc
Kerrio & co

wally said...

The ONLY time I'm obedient (well, not really, but sometimes it seems that way) is in class. I was the star of my obedience class, making my ma ape much less plausible when she tried to explain that I'm a stubborn little bastard at home. Same at the vet's. I'm such a sweet, meek fellow that they don't believe the ma ape's tales.

Keep training your peoples. Then you won't need to send them to Siberia.


Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, When are you going to get a damn passport and start traveling too. Your moms don't seem to understand how badly a young basset needs to see the world. First stop Montreal!

2shibas said...

Hey Ernest!

I used to have that hot pepper collar! You're a pretty cool dude...I think I'll add to my friends list if that's okay!