Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here I look like my dad. Am I not handsome?

This was my first real time riding out of my crate in a car.

I was very brave and then I took a nap.

Good thing because lockdown is about 35 minutes in good traffic from home.

Wally, I am going to think about why I am disappointed. I may be just plain jealous.



Kerrio said...
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Kerrio said...

You are indeed MOST handsome Ernesto.

But is that your best side? Could we have the other profile for comparison?



Maggie said...

You're MOST handsome Ernest! Next time maybe you can ride in the front seat right up alongside your dad!

Love ya lots,

wally said...

Undeniably handsome. A true heartthrob.

When my apes first picked me up whilst adopting me (the first time I met them), I was asleep in the car within 5 minutes. So brave. Also, so lazy.