Monday, July 16, 2007

I am back. I did not have a roommate for the weekend, thus I was lonely.

My moms promise me that one of them will be home for the next seven weeks so no lockdown for me.

I think they are plotting to send me to see my sissy for the month of September, something about dissertation writing and grecian lollygagging.

As long as I'm with Phracey, I'm okay.


Kerrio said...

No roomy? You've been robbed.

Get your moms to hip you over here.. you will have plenty of dogs to play with (and I fancy a Baset snog or two).

Ume said...

Hi Earnest,
hope there wun be another lock-down for u again...

Baron Von Woofer said...

Yay! No more lockdowns! Nothing but home cooked food and belly rubs!

Dissertation? My dad was talking the other day about how it's been 10 years since he defended his and now he feels old.

- Mac

BTW, if you win the presidency, I'd like to be considered for Secretary of Belly Rubs.

wally said...

Dissertating is awful but no as awful as lockdown, I would suspect.


ps. Are you disappointed in ME or in the fact that you missed Coming to America? Because life is no fun without some delicious tackiness.