Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What up dog?

My n. mom keeps on saying that.

I don't get it.

I am short, I do not look like "Dog the bounty hunter" and I would hide behind my TH mom if I saw his wife, Beth.

My Aunt Beth is beautiful. Dog's Beth is scary!

Looks like I got a pawdicure reprieve until Thursday. Happy day!

More later.




Sophie Brador said...

You're way better looking that than scary Dog dude, and I might have to google his wife, just to see. But I can kind of imagine it.

Where's the interview??? Didn't Lorenza tag you? Okay, I'm double tagging you ... so that means an interview with BOTH moms!

wally said...

We should sue Dog for libeling our good name.


Tealeaf said...

I'm confuzzled, who's Dog? Who's Beth? What are they doing? How did they get there?

Dog the Bounty Hunter? Is that a sighthound who hunts chocolate bars? No - that HAS to be a scenthound thing. Over to you Ernesto.