Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NM here....

All you dogs, when do you go to sleep?

Ernest used to be a good sleeper. Ready for bed around 9 pm and then one could move on with ones chores without basset supervising.

It isn't happening now.

He's awake much later.

Do your humans enforce an artificial bedtime on you or do you automatically get ready for bed?

Do you have any bedtime rituals?

Thanks, tired



We are all so tired hours before momma goes to bed. She's a night owl(strange kind of animal), we just all find a comfy place to sleep in the living room and then when momma goes to bed we all move into our special sleeping spaces. Nikki on the bed, Winnie on a doggie pillow on the floor beside the bed, Buddy on the rug against the wall by the door and me on a doggie pillow at the foot of the bed.Momma says we can sleep wherever we want but it never changes. We all just automatically go to our favorite spots.

Woofs Casper

Maggie said...

9PM is bedtime here and that's what time we climb those stairs to the bedroom! I have a cushy bed at the foot of mom and dad's bed. Mitch's jail is downstairs in the laundry room. He has his own fan and cookie jar right next to his bed!

Love ya lots,

Baron Von Woofer said...

I am always ready for bedtime... my parents have a much harder time getting me OUT of bed than IN to bed.

When I first adopted them back when I was a puppy, they made me sleep in a crate... but then I was very very sick, and they felt bad about my sickness, so they let me sleep in the bed with them... and the crate has never been back! haha! I like sleeping on my mom's pillows. Sometimes I sleep on her head.

Kerrio said...

well yes... sort of. After dinner te dogs generally settle, though there is usually a 10 minute play sometime in the evening. Once we go to bed that is IT.

Being lurchers they are no adverse to sleep anyway.

When Leafo was a pup - and with all the foster pups we did have to be strict. Absoutely no nonsense allowed (I'm tough, honest!).

I expect it's just fallout form being the slammer, he'll get back to his usual routine.

Apparently GJ likes to go to bed early and is not keen to get up in the morning, but then he was indoctrinated in the "way of the lurcher" in his formative months.


I usually go to bed when my dads go to bed. If I don't then there is a fight for the pillows. Apparently I'm a bed hog and pillow hog. :) Go Figure!

Frankie Doodles

Angeerah said...

There is a set time for bed???? Finny sleeps a lot and not just because he has cancer. He's always been a napper so.... But as far as the evening, he wants to go to his bed at 10 p.m. sharp.

Finny's Mom