Monday, July 02, 2007

My is very opinonated about many things, but typically very polite.She is very upset about a conversation she had today with someone who just doesn't quite get it.

Read about it here and tell Ernest what you would do.

For what its worth, and TH mommy are not fostering the dog, this is the second doggie that this person would have had and given up.



Tealeaf said...

Thats a SUPERB Ernesto pic.

I am in love.

Will check out the other thing.

Baron Von Woofer said...

I read that other post, and agree with your mom... us woofers need to go to good loving homes, not to places where they think it is OK to board 8 week old pups.

You are very photogenic. I don't like to sit still for photos.

- mac

wally said...

Ernest, You are da*mn photogenic.

As for the people, ridiculous. 8 weeks is very young. Who gives a puppy as a gift so frivolously? And who would think of boarding them for three months? (I tell my mom she can be away 3 hours tops. She disagrees.) If you have the money to board them for three months you'd think you could come up with something better. Like finding it a better home and paying them for your stupidity. Oy.

Sooo...if you're not going to foster it, do you know anyone looking for a puppy?


Maggie said...

A puppy is the same thing as a baby! He needs to be with his family in a loving home!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ernest.
I am Sophie's friend. I read your comment on her blog. Well, I tag you according to Sophie's post. You're it!
I think the same as Maggie, a puppy is a baby and needs a lovely home!
Have a nice day

Sophie Brador said...

Ernest, You tell your mom she need not be polite about this one at all. We should be allowed to fine people like this massive amounts of money. I don't get people can be so dumb when it comes to dogs. Man.

p.s. You're damn handsome, Ernest.

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Ernest...
That is quite a handsome photo of you! I read's post and she is SO right on. That security person is SO not ready for a puppy. I know I'm 14mths old and my Mom has only left me at a hotel for 1 night and that was just last month.

People should need to get licenses to have us pups!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

PS - I hope it's ok, I added you to my bloggy pals!


Ditto to all above comments!!