Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just in case you forgot what I look like. N.mom seems to have forgotten that I am a very photogenic doode.

I was very good today. I went to the U. Village where I was well behaved at the pet store and was rewarded with a new toy. I was patient at the Kiehl's store where n.mom oohed and aahed at the new self tanners.

Hey mom, get a clue and just go to the park with me!

I even managed to slide into a hoity toity store and get a drink of water. I like a place that has dog bowls in the store.

N.mom even spent more on her camera because they let me into the store.

The best part of today was my post-work pre dinner walk. I saw the twins! Two sister spaniels that are a little younger than me. I love them and try and woo them with my good looks and manners. It sometimes works. Today it sort of worked. I think their mom was ready to go home and order pizza.



Kerrio said...

It's true ernesto - you are one very photogentic dude! I think it's the distinguished grey shading on the shnozzle that gives you the edge over other wrinkly dwarves (I mean Bassets)

Was the toy... squeaky?

Snogs from the SUMDs

Kerrio & co

wally said...

I will never forget what a handsome dood you are.

There's a pet store in UVillage? And Kiehl's? I guess it's best they weren't there when we were. The ape would have just blown more of her hard earned (ha!) whopping TA salary.


Tofu Burger said...

Hey Ernest,

I was at Magnuson Dog Park yesterday afternoon, and we saw several distinguished looking hounds. I went ahead and introduced myself to a couple of them but they didn't spell quite right, so we left them alone. Always thinkin' of you :)

I know U Village quite well, I'm there pretty much every Sat. You know the usual...Ram, Jamba Juice, liquor store, oops!

Gotta go!

wally said...

When will your mum be in Philly?


ps. I'm not actually in Philly but in Delaware--the First State for the First Dog.

Joe Stains said...

woah you live by HOT twins? That sounds so awesome!!!

Mony said...

E., you're an animal when it comes to women.