Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From Ernest's n.mom:

Dear furry ones (you know who you are),

Why in anyone diety's name are you on your couch (Ko excluded), when the floor is much cooler?

Seriously, heat rises.

smooches on your noses and frozen kongies in your freezer,



Finnegan said...

My kitty friends and I totally agree with you!

By the way, my mama and daddy are going to be in Seattle this December for my auntie's birthday and they are so excited to go to the northwest! I think they would like to live there some day.

Keep cool!


wally said...

Because it is thundering and my ma ape's lap is the safest place in the universe.

wally, who misses the infrequency of tstorms in the NW

Joe Stains said...

but the couch is ok because we have air conditioning!!

Kerrio said...

It's cool here. You'd like it E, you really would :)

Maggie said...

I'm on the floor! Actually the fireplace hearth is the best in this Godawful heat! Hope you're staying cool Ernest!

Love ya lots,