Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Friday and smooches from a tiny basset puppy!


yes, that is my and she does not normally smile.


wally said...

My mom would definitely smile if she had a hound in her hair.


Sophie Brador said...

Only you can make her smile, Ernest! Hey, so my mom just noticed that you or your moms like the New Pornographers. A friend of hers made a couple of their videos, and sometimes I listen to them too. I do so begrudgingly, of course. Being a nudist, some might think I'm prone to pornography, but I am far more pure than your average slutty mutt, I'll have you know.

Kerrio said...

That's lovely! And funnily enough, the advent of Jackson in our lives for two months made us laugh and smile alot.

now about this Basset puppy......

Maggie said...

Now Ernest! Tell the truth! I can't believe your mom doesn't look into your big brown eyes and smile lots!
What a cute puppy! Is he your 16th month old birthday gift????

Love ya lots,

Ume said...

hi Earnest,
your half-brothers r v cute! they look juz like u!
r they gonna be your stinkies?


Oh Ernest you make me smile too!