Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remember what my mom said about keeping cool. I don't think this counts.

Think of this as art photography, okay?



Ume said...

veri artistic, Earnest!

wally said...

Ernest, you are always completely cool. The king of cool, perhaps.

I am impressed by your abundance of skin.


wally said...


We get to watch tv ALL DAY. The apes leave it on for us while they are gone so that we have something to listen to and it distracts us from outside noises. They would leave on the radio but, for some reason no one really knows, you cannot get NPR indoors in Northern Delaware. I kid you not.


nm said...

I thought you lived in Nebraska.

One day my mom who is going to Philly in September is coming to see you in the flesh.

What are you doing September 15th?

ernest and his n.mom