Monday, July 30, 2007

I am very awake.

N. mom has tried everything to get me to settle down. Its not working.

I have three squeakies going at time and all are fair game, including my new glow in the dark one!



Kerrio said...

Maybe if you had more wrinkles they would drag your eyelids down and make you more sleepy?

I'm not helping am I?

Snogs from the dogs

Anonymous said...

Be careful Ernest. When the boys are bad here they get a Benadryl which does quiet them down. I am of course too well mannered to ever get CAUGHT misbehaving!

Sophie Brador said...

Are you having a growth spurt, Ernest?

wally said...

We need to see pictures of this!

Hmmm. Maybe I could pay you to walk my sissy. I like a leisurely stroll but she prefers a brisker pace. What would you charge?