Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No desire to come in from the walk at lunch

It was sunny and nmom needed to leave her manuscript alone.

She did not find the roaching as much fun as I did.

She needs a life.

ernest roach basset

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Checking things out. Nmom is busy and cranky. TH mom is not.

This post is for my Aunt Carol who misses me.

Hi Aunt Carol!

Look at my big foot!

I am still in the race and a bit hoarse from all that campaigning. My liver is a bit hoarse from all those shots that I had to do to keep up with HRC in PA.

Here's hoping they drink less in Indy.

ernest one day at a time puppy

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Once again, the post about my lack of hair is going to be postponed because
someone believes that I, Ernest puppy have a problem with keeping four
on the floor.

Isn't that what all four paws is about?

Using them?

So, the last day they have not been letting me jump or put my paws up on them.

I hate them.

Now, mom logs on and finds this irritating dude who thinks he knows everything because he's on tv.

He knows nothing about why I jump.

He is so not in my cabinet.

ernest four on the floor at all times not basset

Friday, April 04, 2008

Moms were going to discuss my lack of hair on my chest this week, but I decided you
don't really need to know about that right now.

Yesterday the sun shone and bassets went for walks at lunch. They encountered labradors
chasing things and then went off for the chase as well.

to and fro

I was a tired basset afterwards and flat basseted 7888 times on the way back to the car.

Life is hard.

very reluctant to go back to the car

ernest currently putabing with the best of them