Sunday, July 30, 2006

Today I had a bath. I was very good. I also got to visit a garden open and was complimented on my manners and my cuteness.

I am now tired and is threatening me with flea medicine as I am itchy, but I have no fleas, just an itch.

e. dd

Friday, July 28, 2006

I am jealous of this guy.

Then again, maybe I would less graceful if I had to contend with his equipment.

Looking forward to a weekend of stair climbing, cherry pit eating, jumping and blueberry picking!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Would you trust this face to sell you a car?

I need to work on asking to go out. I was accident free for a few weeks and this week, I'm backsliding according to I better shape up before I visit Phracey and the gang and her mom in Goldendale.

I try and say I need to go out and more often than not I ring, but not always.

I'm in the doghouse as they like to say.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yes, those are my ears.

Raspberry yoghurt filled kongie. Yum!

e. dd

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This week I am exploring my boundaries. I am flummoxed why there are barriers to bassets erected in the home of E.dd and his people. I am to be trusted, really.

It is my belief that mystical things happen behind the gates. Upstairs is where they keep the bisquits, carrots, the plastic water bottles, the strawberries and frozen fruit that they won't let Ernests get to. Downstairs is where they keep the rest of the stuff that Ernests need - beds, other dogs, kibble and toys that they play with and not let Ernests play with. In one room, there are machines that they insist on peering at and lots of books, books are good for teething. One day I'll get to see these mystical places. I know I will, I will just have to wait. I'm good at that, I wait at corners all the time.

It is also cooler here. I am a happier basset for that.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

It is hot here in Seattle, not as hot as it is in Goldendale where my sister and my peeps are living in air conditioning. Its miserable if you are mostly black basset who insists on sitting on the carpet instead of the cooler floor. Unlike my sister, I hate the sprinkler. I enjoy barking at it, but getting wet, no thanks.

My moms are keeping me cool by covering me with a wet towel and feeding me frozen fruit. I tried mango today and I liked it. I even tried yoghurt in a kong and it worked too.

The one thing that I did that was especially interesting today was explored flat surfaces - the couch, the ottoman and the chair. I don't quite understand the appeal, but they seem to enjoy these places.

I guess I'll learn eventually.

Keep cool bassets.

e. dd

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Speckles for everyone!

My N. mom left again today. I'm missing her, but I'm being kind to Taller mom. I took her on a long walk and then tried to cheer Aunt B. up today with my speckled belly.

I wish I could cheer up everyone in the world. I have lots of speckles and wrinkles and people always seem to smile when they see me. That makes me happy. I may look sad, but I'm really quite a happy puppy.

I wonder if that will help me in my run for the presidency.

It is hot here. I hope it cools down soon.

e. dd

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I did back to back puppy play and training today. I am tired. I did play hard with Bijou and managed to sort of get down, which was cool.

They are still expecting me to sit and be patient while they are eating.


Its not like they eat as fast as me and they are not hindered by things like lemons put in their bowls.

The faster they eat, the more they can play.

N. mom is leaving again.


e. dd

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am tired. My people picked me up and now I'm not leaving their side. Unless, of course, someone offers me a bisquit.


Friday, July 14, 2006

I am worried, my kennel is flat, my bed is refloofed and washed and I watched them put my food into little plastic bags. They keep on looking at me and saying that it will be okay.

I didn't even want to eat my apple this morning.

I hope they still love me.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am teething, my molars are coming in and I'm not very happy. I can't really chew carrots and that is a bummer. They have even cut my apples up into teeny tiny slivers which I like.

Other than that, they keep on talking about camp, oh what fun, other dogs and overnight visit.

I am afraid.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Two things happened today that were firsts for me, Ernest the puppy.

First, I managed to nose a basket off the couch to jump up and sit on the couch. I was so proud. They are thinking its time to rethink their evil plans to not allow me up on the furniture.

Second, I knocked over my xpen when was out on an errand. I was scared, but managed to save myself and not rip the house apart because I was scared. said that I was strong and brave and true.

I took her on a long walk.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Snacks from 6000 miles away.

TH came back with bonios.

I am happy.

I have also learned that cherry tomatoes are yummy and I love them.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Today I am very energetic. Right now I am chasing cuppie around and my tail which gets in the way is fair game. wants to know why I who have four million dollars in puppy toys love cuppie, yoghurt container and full tonic water bottles the best of all.

I say, I'm a creative, post modern and quite ecologically minded kind of puppy.

Tomorrow there is talk of a s-h-o-t.

Defective I say.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Testing my independence, E. the puppy, July 4, 2006. Happy Fourth of July to Aunt Ruth and Uncles David and Michael all the way in Adelaide, Australia!

Happy Fourth of July. I started out today by being very active, running around, finding my voice and then chasing cuppie. I got to participate in a parade. This one was more fun than the one last weekend and did not involve motorcycles. I followed a fire engine, but they did not need me to serve as a ladder basset.

Oh well.

Later we took a nap and then we went for a walk at the ppatch where I was fed raspberries by my n. mom.

I think my idea of basset paradise would be a bowl of strawberries and raspberries served to me by my n. mom while we are sitting on the couch on a not very warm day.

Other than that, my basset life is good. Taller mom called from 6000 miles away and she sounded tired. I hope that she gets to stretch her paws and go for a run around the park.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Today was a moderately okay basset day. It was cloudy and I went to work with who abandoned me and Taller mom walked to work. It seems silly to walk when you have wheels, but whatever.

I got a moderate walk and then well, I pooped out.

Later, N. mom took me home, checked the mail and got sad. She called Taller mom who asked her to make her a reservation to London so that she could be sad with others in a place called Oxford. pulled through and then she penned me so that she could pack for Taller mom. Taller mom and N. mom had guests for dinner and aside from impressing them that I can climb, I was pretty good.

So, we went to the airport again (boring) and dropped off Taller mom for a flight to place that has bonios. She promised me that she would be back soon and that she would bring me a package of fresh breath bonios and maybe a big bonio if I was good.

Oh, I gave N. mom a heart attack right now. She went to get her laptop and there I was, warming her seat.



Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy July. I will be four months in a few days.

Today I went to the Farmer's Market and they dragged me to a nursery. I liked the blueberries.

Today Aunt B and Aunt L came over and played with me. Tomorrow they threatened me with a b-a-t-h. I say wait, the weekend is not quite over.

I am gettting even longer. I met a basset named Willard today, he was at least 6" taller than me and 45 lbs heavier. is getting concerned.