Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why is everyone mean to basset hounds?

Why is it that they pick on the basset?

Moms saw this in Brussels and got mad.

I am a sleek specimen of a basset, with short nails and an excellent disposition.

So much in fact, that my Aunt Dianne says that people she meets while walking me comment on my unbassetlike bassethoundness. WTH? I am just being myself.

Moms are going to see the Sheppies APE this week. They may or may not be photographed together depending on their level of involvement in the witness protection programs.

Friday, April 09, 2010


I am very small here, non? It is really just a trick of the light. I am still mighty big dog, I just like to curl up like a sled dog when the house gets below 60 degrees and my Tmom wants to read the paper.

So, Pepcid AC,smaller and more frequent meals, removing water sources after eating and trying not excite me after I eat are being tried and then this:



What do I look like to you? I am a big dog with a tender stomach.

Alas, I will soothe their nerves and stomachs and buck up and eat this stuff.tbi

Ernest puppy sleek as a seal

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Handsome fellow
I am living up to my moniker - ett - or Ernest Tender Tummy.

I keep on throwing up my dinner - I think they call it the dog's dinner and usually its right after I finished it. Tmom thinks I am eating too fast. I am doing it until they feed me tiny minced up vegetables, poached chicken breasts and basmati rice exclusively.

They are going to try that four meal a day thing for a while to see if I will not regurgitate my food on the sidewalk, which in most people's opinion beats the antique Tabriz rug in the living room. They also think some pepcid AC, since nmom buys it by the case, this should not be a problem.

What would eat if your tummy bothered you?

ernest.tender.tummy.needs a snack

Thursday, April 01, 2010

If it was 1962

Nmom is having a blast using this new iphone application that lets her pretend that her technological tether is a old fashioned film camera. Yeah, I have been over exposed and underexposed depending on the settings she chooses. I want some royalties and that phone away from my lovely mug.

Nmom likes to send these pictures to my Mama S at Rancho Oxboro. I hope Mama S shows them to my sissy, Phrace to remind her of my presence in my absence.

The latest message back from Oxborians harkens back to 1962.

If it was 1962 I could not drive.


I can not drive now. (she broke her arm - ernest)

Do I have to join the protests again?

We did have the great chants!

Could we have Humphrey and McCarthy back?

Would Chicago get Mayor Daly back?


Chicago has Mayor Daly back.

Do I have to worry about the next Ice Age?

Will we have better living through chemistry?

Will I be able to get an advanced degree even if there is a man wanting that slot in school?

What cigarette was recommended by nine out of ten doctors?

Will the snow turn black again?

Will big hair come back?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

mama s

My mom will feature more of these pictures in my next post, which I hope will not be in 2020.

ernest back to the future but loving the past