Sunday, March 22, 2009

on the search for wally's ma ape
Locked down again. Why? Because the moms are in Vegas baby for a meeting or something they say.

This meeting was to feature a sighting of the famous Ma Ape. They were all at the same meeting last year and though they put up a note for her (see above). She might have been on a panel doing something important or she could have also been in a bar, who knows.

Anyways, budget crises and whatnots have kept her at home with Wally, OscarBean and the lovely Ethel.

And, as you well know, when there is a meeting, I go to LOCKDOWN.

As usual, I ignored THmom when she dropped me off.

I will ignore Nmom when she picks me up. I will then mope for hours on my return.

Next year Wally, there will be an ape-fest closer to you -- in DEE CEE.

ernest puppy platinum status prisoner/ number 13375 or something like that

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am back from the 509. I am nearly three years and one week old. Tmom and Nmom used
my return to spend a night away from home in the 503. Mama S brought me to them and reported that while I was at Rancho Oxboro I performed miracles! Many lambs were born while I was there and some were unexpected.

Right now I am catching up on my squeaking, sleeping, urban smells and smooching everyone. I have not forgotten how to use my poochie bells and may be promoted to the conductor of the poochie bell symphony. That cruddy picture that my nmom took is just a few of the love offerings from Steve the mailman, he left them for me daily. Is he not the best?

ernest percussion is my life basset

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

expressive 2

Can you believe that I will be three years old on Friday?

I get to spend my birthday with my sissy! I spent my last birthday with her too.

Time flies when you are chasing sheep.

ernest puppy still