Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year and what not

Happy New Year.

In retrospect, this year has been pretty good for me.

I saw my sister two times!

Two cute girls (puppies) moved into the neighborhood.

My new dog sitter takes me everywhere.

My new cousin is now eating cheerios.

I took lots of walks.

I rang my bell incessantly and people bent to my will.

I got to eat home raised squashables.

My mom got to meet Joe Stains and Tanner.

Both moms came very close to seeing Sophie LaBrador.

Next year I plan to do more of the same. My nmom promises me she will update my blog more often. She realizes that sometimes my view on life is better than any apes.

On to a better 2010.

ernest puppy melts in the rain

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I am being starved.

For some reason, the food I would walk away from in mid-meal is now not enough.

I'm the same weight give or two a few bonios, but I am constantly hungry.

I think its the weather. I am vexing nmom by waking up, eating and then running out to pee and then running back in to jump under my duvet.

Can bassets tolerate booties?

Can bassets learn to deal?

It is going to be sunny and cold all week! My aunt Dianne will be spoiling me while the moms abandon me. I can't wait - sleeping with a human, getting 454 walks at my will and best of all treats all the time.

Someone please send me a Snuggie. Except that they don't come in Bassety sizes. I'll stick to my tecklebub.

ernest fit to be tied