Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shadow the VET tech did not pan out so I am at the hoosegow again.

I wonder if they can use me there as model prisoner, no doubt as I spend YEARS of my short life there.

Next week I will be 35 months old. I will be able to run for president for sure.

Today my THmom worked from home. She was not paying attention to ME instead she paid attention to the teleconference she was having. I made sure there was a percussion section. I played the Poochie Bells. I have first seat in the Poochie Bell Orchestra. Either that or I am going be really good at tetherball when they install the pole and put the ball down to my level.

They promise me a reprieve for a bit next week and then something about going to a wedding. I am not invited and that makes me mad. My Uncle is getting married and I am so excited because I am in love with my new Aunt! She appreciates me for my athletic prowess and ability to go on 4567 walks a day. I hope I make a good cousin too! I will pick up all cheerios so no one has to bend over.

More from the inside

inmate number 35077

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things have been pretty boring around here.

This is what we did on Friday night.

This is what I did after my Aunt Beth and Uncle Mark came over for dinner and basset smooching session.
I kid you not

This is what I did during my afternoon game of squeaky keep away from the apes. Please note my buns of steel.


I am in the process of being abandoned AGAIN and perhaps getting to be a helper dog at the VET! Is that cool or what?

Ernest Welby, DEM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

when i am president

Hail to the Chief.

Good to luck to Obama and Biden, they have my number in case things get sticky.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I am back from lockdown and it has been fun to be home and taking the moms on their walks. I think after all those mai tais and mojitos they need to get a bit of exercise.

Unfortunately, this is what we encountered today:

Enemy within our midst

A cat.

At least it was not really hiding like the one up the street that likes to impersonate a box hedge.

Oh yeah, also I was attacked by another dog today. Mostly I was slobbered on, but because of it I have been getting lots of attention and squashables.

T mom saved me from Cooper, the dog who wanted to play and then turned on me. I'm glad she was there.

Well, its time to turn in. I have a very busy day tomorrow of bell ringing and visiting my grandmere and pere.

ernest puppy no cats allowed

Monday, January 12, 2009

Report from inside.

I am eating.

I do not have a room mate.

I need one.

ernest dd

Friday, January 09, 2009

wot? you are leaving again?

As usual, I am being abandoned.

At least my mom plans on seeing this cool doode and his brother the Doofus.

She can't wait.

edd, born in the high desert and happy to be in a temperate climate

Saturday, January 03, 2009

My year in review.

walks taken 1400 plus
bells rung 677777
wills bent 3
dog walkers fired 0
times fired by dog walkers 1
dog park visits 30
times i had leave the dog park doing the perp walk 26
couches jumped on 5
couches covered in anticipation on my arrival 3
times my grandmere gave me a squeaky 8
times my grandpere petted my ears 345
presidential campaigns run 1
presidential campaigns won 0
amount of time I spent in the 509 - a lot
number of email exchanges with Phracey -100
number of squashables sacrificed in the name of ernest 988
number of sweet potatoables for the same 878
number of times I pretended to be unwell to get chicken/rice and broth 5
numbers of times I really was sick 2
number of marathons i participated in 1
number of miles walked/jogged in said marathon 2

wow, that is a lot of numbers

your number one basset ernest the puppy