Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am sharing a room with two lovely ladies today at the hoosegow. Its such a good thing that I'm a gentle basset.

My mom accidentally poured sunflower seeds into my food == she spend some quality time picking out seeds from my kibble. She then decided to use the principles she learned as a budding young biochemist when isolating proteins and shake/filter the smaller particles to the bottom of the column/container.

The matron at lockdown still did not think this was acceptable. So, I'm eat their nutritionables until mom can go buy me some new kibbleables.

I hope she remembers to buy biscuits. We're OUT.

Tmom claims that they have not found in fish. Have you found any SHARKS?

back to basics ernest the puppy

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today it was hot.

I am doing a good job of thermoregulating and remaining moderately modest. N'est ce pas?

I am currently incarcerated at the Academy. I think mom is concerned that I may have not been happy to be put in the hoosegow as I LIFTED MY LEG ON MY BED ON THE WAY INTO THE SLAMMER.

I guess if you pee on your bed, you are stuck sleeping on it.


Other than that, I should be back on Sunday. Nmom is using the time away from me to walk 10 miles a day, fly to New York and back and remain lonely without me.

Tmom -- I have been good! I am always good. We are out of squashables. Please send some.

ernest puppy don't fence me in

Thursday, May 28, 2009

in your face

I have been very busy today trying to keep the home fires burning. I worked on keeping the couch from floating away, kept the staff busy checking the grounds and used my big schnoz to make sure that squirrels and cats were not infiltrating the garden.

Tomorrow I am going towards the wayward bear --nmom has some strange ideas of how to spend Saturday. In this case, she's spending most of it on a plane to nowhere. At least she gets to watch Paul Blort, Mall Cop.

En garde

Yeah, I've been busy.

T mom reports no fish sightings yet. I hope she finds some to eat with her crackers and cheese.

edd - better than american idol and no reruns

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My most favorite thing in the world is to sleep next to a human person. By waking up my apes early enough they will curl up with me to keep quiet and in bed. It works nearly all the time.

I was a good boy today! Aunt Peggy and Uncle Peter came to visit me. Nmom even played a bit of chase the squeaky with me. I think she wants to buy a bigger house or roll up the carpets to make it less treacherous.

Gmere even made me a bit of chicken for my breakfast.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to be warm. I see lots of roaching opportunities in my future.

Tmom -- have you found any whales or sharks yet?

ernest snoring please do not disturb and turn that stupid movie off

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is science.

These are fish.
This is art.

This is Ernest.

Aunt Peggy came and took me for a walk today. She's the best. In fact, she was such a good Ernest walker that I barely acknowledged Nmom's presence when she came home. I think we'll keep her.

Nmom is keeping me up with a movie and this blog. I am not amused.

Stay cool and smooth.

over and out ernest puppy

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh hi!

Things have been picking up here. My TH mom is pretending to be Jacques Cousteau for the next few weeks, so I figured she might want to be kept up to date with my goings and sometimes comings.

I am now a cousin! I bought the baby this book.

I hope he wants his mommy and daddy to read it to him a million billion times. He's too little to eat cheerios, but when the time comes, I am so ready to help him.

TH mom, I miss you. N mom has a sucky lap and bed side manner, but she's pretty patient about being woken up at 515 for my morning walk.

ernest basset esq

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

from his nose to his toes

Let's see since we last blogged the moms have been in either together or apart in the following locales -- Washington DEE CEE (Hi Ethel!), Milan (ciao baby), Brussels (sprouts, bleh) and Charleston, SC (hee haw).

So, basically, I have been left to my own devices.

Out of guilt I have received pasta from Italy, waffles from Belgium and water bottles from all sorts of places. Nmom promises me that she will remain with me for the next few weeks while Tmom pretends to be Jacques Cousteau.

Man, I hope she brings me back a squeaky halibut.

Mama S and Papa J are coming to town this weekend. I hope they bring Phracey.

ernest sleeping/do not disturb