Friday, April 24, 2009

take that mr. bo!

I have been super busy this past week and none of it has to do with American Idol or the market. It has to do with Bo, the new dog on the block and reduction of carbon pawprints.

Bo, I wish you well. I understand your father reads a few letters a day and then responds as personally as possible. My nmom is writing one at this moment explaining my attempts at running for public office and what I planned to accomplish. She's not going to sound too cheeky as there is always 2012.

Remember, not all tropical plants are tasty.

I am trying to reduce my carbon pawprint. This is hard, especially if your lockdown options and your sissy are far away. I am asking the moms to buy me some carbon offsets.

Well, enjoy earth week. I'm in lockdown for the next few days.

Pass the harmonica.

free to be, you and me

ernest basset

Monday, April 13, 2009


This past week I spent most of my time wondering why my food rations have been cut down and why they have yet to get me my own chicken. Hey, Nmom I am on to you.

I understand they are a lot of work. I also understand that Mama S wants chickens too. I asked if I could bring my chicken with me when I came to visit. I have not heard the final word.

Nmom is reading a book about a guy who lives off the grid in New Mexico with an ipod and a cell phone. He procures to goats for milk and cheese. Nmom is thinking that goats may be the way to go, but believes they may be outlawed within the grid.

Other than that, I have been busy fighting the good fight and trying really hard to get more biscuits during the day. Sophie and her mom sent us a really nice package of runny raspberry jams from Quebec and some delicious boar biscuits with pear glaze. Ooh lala. Thanks Sophie. My Tmom says she'll return the favor again when she goes to Montreal this fall.

I am also doing a lot of napping and then running around with my squeaky at all hours. My latest squeaky is a lovely green pepper named "Pierre" that the mom's bought me in Paris a few weeks ago.

I hope they find me some bonios in Milan.

ernest the good and squeaky

Monday, April 06, 2009


I have been a super duper good boy! It was warm this weekend and I made sure that all walks involved at least one roaching event.

I have even been working on my stop, drop and roach drill. Not all roaching requires a nice soft lawn or meadow. I am hardening myself for being a more urban or desert dog by learning to roach on the sidewalk.

The moms say that I remind them off their dearly departed Roya kitty who rolled all summer long. She was mostly white, but spent most of the summer sort of gray. I still think all cats are weird.

I am also curious what living with a chicken would be like. Could I handle their loudness? Would they steal my kibbleables? Could they be chased for exercise? Could we get a cow instead or a goat for cheese and ice cream? Why do we not have an artisan baker on staff?

Could we please get one?

Do any of you have your own chicken?

ernest sunnyside up

Friday, April 03, 2009

Caught in mid roach


The weather has not been very lovely the past few days. I have looked disgusted every time I have been forced off the porch to do my civic duties. I have been hiding underneath my comforters or on TH mom's lap.

Nmom went to Paris again for the day and all I got this time was a walnut roll from the Marche Biologique. Lovely as it was, it seemed a bit defective. Could she have not picked me up a roasted chicken? A Poulet de Bresse? A small hunk of lamb?

Sacre Bleu!

Now, I am driving THmom crazy by jumping into her face while she tries to chill with the paper. Doesn't she realize that the physical paper is so 21st century.

Well, the bell has been rung. Nmom must take me out for the 89th time tonight.

ezp sonnez la sonnette svp