Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year and what not

Happy New Year.

In retrospect, this year has been pretty good for me.

I saw my sister two times!

Two cute girls (puppies) moved into the neighborhood.

My new dog sitter takes me everywhere.

My new cousin is now eating cheerios.

I took lots of walks.

I rang my bell incessantly and people bent to my will.

I got to eat home raised squashables.

My mom got to meet Joe Stains and Tanner.

Both moms came very close to seeing Sophie LaBrador.

Next year I plan to do more of the same. My nmom promises me she will update my blog more often. She realizes that sometimes my view on life is better than any apes.

On to a better 2010.

ernest puppy melts in the rain

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I am being starved.

For some reason, the food I would walk away from in mid-meal is now not enough.

I'm the same weight give or two a few bonios, but I am constantly hungry.

I think its the weather. I am vexing nmom by waking up, eating and then running out to pee and then running back in to jump under my duvet.

Can bassets tolerate booties?

Can bassets learn to deal?

It is going to be sunny and cold all week! My aunt Dianne will be spoiling me while the moms abandon me. I can't wait - sleeping with a human, getting 454 walks at my will and best of all treats all the time.

Someone please send me a Snuggie. Except that they don't come in Bassety sizes. I'll stick to my tecklebub.

ernest fit to be tied

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is still raining. I hate the rain. I hate the fact that the moms cannot modify the weather to make it stop raining.

This evening, in order to amuse me, they took me to the Village to go shopping and then force me to wait in the car while they ate dinner.

I had a bit of self serve at Mud Bay.


followed by a bit of a scolding.

Frankly, I am a fan of the little black biscuits.

self service

Tmom reminded me that this was not a weigh before and after eating kind of place.

The rain looks like its going to continue. I am working on my express ablutions and pitiful looks out the window in hopes of one day seeing my shadow again.

over and out,
ernest puppy

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Like Somali pirates, I have taken over this blog. If I don't dictate to nmom, nothing will get done around here. She's really really lazy.

The rain has created a level of ennui around here. I have even given up my morning walks to do
more of this


and some of this
monday morning with ernest

and a lot of this because sometimes I feel like all of their waking hours are not spent entertaining me.

Friday with Ernest
I am looking forward to thanksgiving and my turkey consomme served with a side of egg noodles and vegetables, hold the green beans.

ernest basset esq.
please do not disturb

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Can you believe they insured this guy's schnoz for millions of GBP?

Just for smelling cheese and tell you if it is tasty.

I can do this as well, hear a loaf of bread on a cutting board five house away and tell you the type of grain used for half that.

what, only filled pasta?

The nose knows.

ernest basset esq.

Monday, September 07, 2009

They located the cougar! It was not eating arugula or wearing stilettos.

Phracey said there was cougar sighting near Rancho Oxboro. For some reason, Mama S. does not believe that Phracey's beauty and sheer speed could match the cougar's speed and lack of manners, so she's kennel bound.

Poor Phracey.

It has RAINED here. I am not amused. Nmom is definitely not amused because Uncle Dale is on vacation and now has to bend to my will four times a day and sometimes in the rain, its just not easy.

There is one thing I am willing to do in the rain -- eat a bone under the shelter of a cherry tree. My Evita mom did not raise a stupid basset, just one who is allergic to precipitation.

over and out, ernest the puppy

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Dear TMom,

Please bring me back a squeaky polar bear, a non squeaking Hudson Bay blanket, some smoked seal treats and a plastic bottle from the Canadian Arctic.

I promise you that your detainment on the way back to the US will only be 45 minutes.


ernest bassest, bored and RTG

Friday, September 04, 2009

drool will get you everytime

I am exhausted.

Greenlake at lunch, a visit to uncle Dale's house and then the dog park for my evening constitutional.

Nmom is such a disappointment.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

My sissy said I need to be careful because a cougar is loose somewhere near my watershed.

I don't get it - she thinks these cougars eat kittens. I thought these cougars ate arugula and were sighted at Victoria's Secret.

I am confused.

I am also very tired -- my uncle Dale takes me everywhere and for hours - dog park, the park park and to the nature preserve. Isn't that cool? I seem to be the life of the party, except that the party seems to end at 8:05 when it gets dark out.

ernest puppy - dressed to thrill

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I'm not so mad now,but my nmom is because she was supposed to meet Sophie La Brador and Sir Graham tomorrow. Instead she's going to make kibbleable money.

Good part is there is a lap here for me, bad part is that my smooches to S la B are not going to transferred.

At least my uncle Dale is taking me for long walks while the apes toil.

ernest who promises to be back on a regular schedule as will nmom

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Happy August! The moms have been busy trying to keep me cool and this requires not sitting in front of the computer, but fanning me with palm fans, draping cooling towels over me and feeding me ice cubes. Yes, they feel guilty because the terrible heat and 100 degree temperatures are ALL THEIR FAULT. I am now sleeping in the bathroom because it is the coolest place in the house that I will visit.

So, what is a guy to do?

Go to Rancho Oxboro and hang out with his sissy.

packing list

Other than that, I have a new best friend, Aunt Diane who is now dog sitting me! She rocks -- she takes me on a billion walks and five gagillion rides and feeds me biscuits at my will. I am encouraging the moms to leave more often, but for some reason, they feel that it is better that I leave for a bit. I heard some mutterings about sheep chasing, fox hunting and obedience for me. I think they are going to miss me a bit.

For now, I leave them with this....


The best way to think is to cover your head, but keep your ass where everyone can see it.

ernest, puppy over and out

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Coming soon --

foxes, wallymelon and videos

not all together sillies.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tomorrow is bath day.

the bath

Which means tomorrow morning is


ernest trying to restrain myself

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Splendor in the grass

I am tired and it is hot again.

Why? Partially because of my new duties as construction supervisor in my neighborhood. Everywhere you look there are sidewalk closed signs, pylons, things to pee on and dumpsters that my mom wishes she could throw my poop in. The construction means lots of traffic and now my biggest fan, Emma isn't outside very much any more. What a bummer.

On the bright side, I am being wooed (shh, don't tell Phracey), by a Havanese named Clover and a dachshund named Caper. Its so confusing .. they both have names that sounds like plants and that start with Cs. Now I know what it feels like to be the big man on the block. Suffice it to say, I like to give smooches and will tolerate some ear biting for the sake of not hurting either one's feelings.

I am still looking for a coed to make me a sign.

ernest basset at your service

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awaiting further instructions

I sent this picture to my sissy and told her I was awaiting further instructions. You see, after every walk, I wish to stop on the porch and take a rest and really, await further instruction.

This is what she sent me back:


Go down the porch steps and turn right.

Go to the first stop sign and turn right again.

Go past the Volvo dealer to the first stop light and turn left.

Follow the road until U get by the stadium,.

Ask a Coed to make a sign for you that says GOLDENDALE or BUST

Continue across the bridge. Follow the signs to 405.

Go south even though Mama S always wants to go to Everett.

Follow the signs to I -90.

Hopefully you will be able to score a ride.

I will see you in about three weeks.


I think she is missing critical steps -- like the cut off for 97 and what not.

Anyways, its a start.

ernest basset

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I had a blast with my dog sitter! I managed to scam 1999 walks a day and lots of treats. He was trying to understand my psyche so he spent alot of time examining me.

I basically ignored the moms when they returned home from Montana where Hannah is not a resident.

I am tired still. I am trying to talk nmom into the dog park tomorrow. We'll see if I can use my charming ways to bend her will.

Thursday, June 11, 2009
My moms are abandoning me for Montana!

Fear not, I have a dog sitter and I'm going to tell him that I need six walks a day and three meals.


The six walks will balance out the three meals and they will be none the wiser.

Ernest smarter than you, really.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It continues to be hot.

hot ernest

However, I still managed four walks -- two were sort of defective. The other two were awesome! I roached and walked and got scritched by everyone.

I even managed to scam some serious papaya smoothie from nmom.

I hope it cools off for tmom.

ernest basset beset by black fur

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It is hot. Too hot. I showed you a picture of me thermoregulating, but you weren't all that impressed as no one exclaimed at my modesty, sense of balance and propriety in light of the impropriety of such a pose.

Believe me, for a black basset hound who is from a temperate clime, this sucks. I think I now know why there are fewer Bedouin bassets than Mitteleuropean ones.

Today my best Dianne, the dog walker came to walk me and while nmom was off smelling a baby and feeding it, my best Aunt Peggy came by to walk me. I am working on a plan to keep Aunt Peggy here. It involves hiding her suitcase and her sunglasses. I wonder if it will work....

My best mailman, Steve, left me a biscuit, like any regular day, but it dropped down to the ground before anyone noticed it was not destined for my stomach. I scared nmom right now by going outside in the dark, jumping into a very nice specimen hellebore and finding and munching down on the aforementioned biscuit.
A treat for ernest

See, if I follow my keen schnoz, I will find the foodables.

Speaking of which, if you feed me sunflower seeds, I will not digest them and there will be sunflowers all over the place. It is the way of nature.

I haven't heard from tmom today. I am afraid that her weather sucks and she's in hiding somewhere. If she is, I hope she has hunkered down with some crackers and a good book.

Yup, her weather sucks, but not as bad as it could be.



keep cool tmom, we're not able to.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I am beset with things interrupting my daily flow -- people staying home, birdseed in my food, plants in my water bowl.

When will the madness stop?


Nmom was sick today and stayed home. She even let me stay on the couch with her. I was a good boy and didn't force her to go out. My this week dog walker and Auntie Peggy came by and walked me. I was pretty good for them too. It may be due to the excessive heat. Maybe its better to be an indoor basset this week.

I wonder how my Phracey is doing?

Nmom leaves nightly to go see my Cousin baby boy. Unlike visiting with other cousins, her pant legs don't smell weird, its her torso. Sort of like talcum powder and spit up. I have yet to meet him. I think nmom may make get a bath first.

Tmom is experiencing some bad weather so send her a yo and ho and hopefully it will calm down soonerest.

Ernest basset climate change is now

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am sharing a room with two lovely ladies today at the hoosegow. Its such a good thing that I'm a gentle basset.

My mom accidentally poured sunflower seeds into my food == she spend some quality time picking out seeds from my kibble. She then decided to use the principles she learned as a budding young biochemist when isolating proteins and shake/filter the smaller particles to the bottom of the column/container.

The matron at lockdown still did not think this was acceptable. So, I'm eat their nutritionables until mom can go buy me some new kibbleables.

I hope she remembers to buy biscuits. We're OUT.

Tmom claims that they have not found in fish. Have you found any SHARKS?

back to basics ernest the puppy

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today it was hot.

I am doing a good job of thermoregulating and remaining moderately modest. N'est ce pas?

I am currently incarcerated at the Academy. I think mom is concerned that I may have not been happy to be put in the hoosegow as I LIFTED MY LEG ON MY BED ON THE WAY INTO THE SLAMMER.

I guess if you pee on your bed, you are stuck sleeping on it.


Other than that, I should be back on Sunday. Nmom is using the time away from me to walk 10 miles a day, fly to New York and back and remain lonely without me.

Tmom -- I have been good! I am always good. We are out of squashables. Please send some.

ernest puppy don't fence me in

Thursday, May 28, 2009

in your face

I have been very busy today trying to keep the home fires burning. I worked on keeping the couch from floating away, kept the staff busy checking the grounds and used my big schnoz to make sure that squirrels and cats were not infiltrating the garden.

Tomorrow I am going towards the wayward bear --nmom has some strange ideas of how to spend Saturday. In this case, she's spending most of it on a plane to nowhere. At least she gets to watch Paul Blort, Mall Cop.

En garde

Yeah, I've been busy.

T mom reports no fish sightings yet. I hope she finds some to eat with her crackers and cheese.

edd - better than american idol and no reruns

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My most favorite thing in the world is to sleep next to a human person. By waking up my apes early enough they will curl up with me to keep quiet and in bed. It works nearly all the time.

I was a good boy today! Aunt Peggy and Uncle Peter came to visit me. Nmom even played a bit of chase the squeaky with me. I think she wants to buy a bigger house or roll up the carpets to make it less treacherous.

Gmere even made me a bit of chicken for my breakfast.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to be warm. I see lots of roaching opportunities in my future.

Tmom -- have you found any whales or sharks yet?

ernest snoring please do not disturb and turn that stupid movie off

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is science.

These are fish.
This is art.

This is Ernest.

Aunt Peggy came and took me for a walk today. She's the best. In fact, she was such a good Ernest walker that I barely acknowledged Nmom's presence when she came home. I think we'll keep her.

Nmom is keeping me up with a movie and this blog. I am not amused.

Stay cool and smooth.

over and out ernest puppy

Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh hi!

Things have been picking up here. My TH mom is pretending to be Jacques Cousteau for the next few weeks, so I figured she might want to be kept up to date with my goings and sometimes comings.

I am now a cousin! I bought the baby this book.

I hope he wants his mommy and daddy to read it to him a million billion times. He's too little to eat cheerios, but when the time comes, I am so ready to help him.

TH mom, I miss you. N mom has a sucky lap and bed side manner, but she's pretty patient about being woken up at 515 for my morning walk.

ernest basset esq

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

from his nose to his toes

Let's see since we last blogged the moms have been in either together or apart in the following locales -- Washington DEE CEE (Hi Ethel!), Milan (ciao baby), Brussels (sprouts, bleh) and Charleston, SC (hee haw).

So, basically, I have been left to my own devices.

Out of guilt I have received pasta from Italy, waffles from Belgium and water bottles from all sorts of places. Nmom promises me that she will remain with me for the next few weeks while Tmom pretends to be Jacques Cousteau.

Man, I hope she brings me back a squeaky halibut.

Mama S and Papa J are coming to town this weekend. I hope they bring Phracey.

ernest sleeping/do not disturb

Friday, April 24, 2009

take that mr. bo!

I have been super busy this past week and none of it has to do with American Idol or the market. It has to do with Bo, the new dog on the block and reduction of carbon pawprints.

Bo, I wish you well. I understand your father reads a few letters a day and then responds as personally as possible. My nmom is writing one at this moment explaining my attempts at running for public office and what I planned to accomplish. She's not going to sound too cheeky as there is always 2012.

Remember, not all tropical plants are tasty.

I am trying to reduce my carbon pawprint. This is hard, especially if your lockdown options and your sissy are far away. I am asking the moms to buy me some carbon offsets.

Well, enjoy earth week. I'm in lockdown for the next few days.

Pass the harmonica.

free to be, you and me

ernest basset

Monday, April 13, 2009


This past week I spent most of my time wondering why my food rations have been cut down and why they have yet to get me my own chicken. Hey, Nmom I am on to you.

I understand they are a lot of work. I also understand that Mama S wants chickens too. I asked if I could bring my chicken with me when I came to visit. I have not heard the final word.

Nmom is reading a book about a guy who lives off the grid in New Mexico with an ipod and a cell phone. He procures to goats for milk and cheese. Nmom is thinking that goats may be the way to go, but believes they may be outlawed within the grid.

Other than that, I have been busy fighting the good fight and trying really hard to get more biscuits during the day. Sophie and her mom sent us a really nice package of runny raspberry jams from Quebec and some delicious boar biscuits with pear glaze. Ooh lala. Thanks Sophie. My Tmom says she'll return the favor again when she goes to Montreal this fall.

I am also doing a lot of napping and then running around with my squeaky at all hours. My latest squeaky is a lovely green pepper named "Pierre" that the mom's bought me in Paris a few weeks ago.

I hope they find me some bonios in Milan.

ernest the good and squeaky

Monday, April 06, 2009


I have been a super duper good boy! It was warm this weekend and I made sure that all walks involved at least one roaching event.

I have even been working on my stop, drop and roach drill. Not all roaching requires a nice soft lawn or meadow. I am hardening myself for being a more urban or desert dog by learning to roach on the sidewalk.

The moms say that I remind them off their dearly departed Roya kitty who rolled all summer long. She was mostly white, but spent most of the summer sort of gray. I still think all cats are weird.

I am also curious what living with a chicken would be like. Could I handle their loudness? Would they steal my kibbleables? Could they be chased for exercise? Could we get a cow instead or a goat for cheese and ice cream? Why do we not have an artisan baker on staff?

Could we please get one?

Do any of you have your own chicken?

ernest sunnyside up

Friday, April 03, 2009

Caught in mid roach


The weather has not been very lovely the past few days. I have looked disgusted every time I have been forced off the porch to do my civic duties. I have been hiding underneath my comforters or on TH mom's lap.

Nmom went to Paris again for the day and all I got this time was a walnut roll from the Marche Biologique. Lovely as it was, it seemed a bit defective. Could she have not picked me up a roasted chicken? A Poulet de Bresse? A small hunk of lamb?

Sacre Bleu!

Now, I am driving THmom crazy by jumping into her face while she tries to chill with the paper. Doesn't she realize that the physical paper is so 21st century.

Well, the bell has been rung. Nmom must take me out for the 89th time tonight.

ezp sonnez la sonnette svp

Sunday, March 22, 2009

on the search for wally's ma ape
Locked down again. Why? Because the moms are in Vegas baby for a meeting or something they say.

This meeting was to feature a sighting of the famous Ma Ape. They were all at the same meeting last year and though they put up a note for her (see above). She might have been on a panel doing something important or she could have also been in a bar, who knows.

Anyways, budget crises and whatnots have kept her at home with Wally, OscarBean and the lovely Ethel.

And, as you well know, when there is a meeting, I go to LOCKDOWN.

As usual, I ignored THmom when she dropped me off.

I will ignore Nmom when she picks me up. I will then mope for hours on my return.

Next year Wally, there will be an ape-fest closer to you -- in DEE CEE.

ernest puppy platinum status prisoner/ number 13375 or something like that

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am back from the 509. I am nearly three years and one week old. Tmom and Nmom used
my return to spend a night away from home in the 503. Mama S brought me to them and reported that while I was at Rancho Oxboro I performed miracles! Many lambs were born while I was there and some were unexpected.

Right now I am catching up on my squeaking, sleeping, urban smells and smooching everyone. I have not forgotten how to use my poochie bells and may be promoted to the conductor of the poochie bell symphony. That cruddy picture that my nmom took is just a few of the love offerings from Steve the mailman, he left them for me daily. Is he not the best?

ernest percussion is my life basset

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

expressive 2

Can you believe that I will be three years old on Friday?

I get to spend my birthday with my sissy! I spent my last birthday with her too.

Time flies when you are chasing sheep.

ernest puppy still

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm in the 509. I have been since Saturday. My secretary is very bad at updating you on my life.

Well, I am fine! I am running around and I am helping in the lambing!

I am never coming home.

My moms are off flitting around again. I better get a post card and a squeaky Eiffel Tower out of it.

ernest le chien le plus meilleur

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today is my 366th post. If my mom was a decent sort, I would be at 900 posts, but well, you know, she's BUSY.

This weekend she cavorted with Jack.


I think she would have taken him home if she could.

They both cavorted with bbq and didn't bring home anything I could eat. They are still the meanerest.

I know I owe a bunch of you blog replies, but currently my reader is busy and promises me that tomorrow night will be about my catching up with all of you.


ernest the tired

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life is hard.

I didn't let the door hit TH mom as she left lockdown.

I hope she forgot to tell them about my decreased kibbleables.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

snack time

Things have not improved in the dining department.

Apparently tomorrow's instructions to the dining matron at the hoosegow is to limit my food intake to 3 cups of kibbleables a day.

Again, WTF?

Nmom better start taking me to the dog park starting next week, she needs the exercise.

So, tomorrow I'm off to the hoosegow (stated above), email me if you want to be put on the visitor's list. I believe visiting hours are Saturday between 2-4 pm. If you can, please bring me the NYT's crossword puzzle and a kongie filled with almond butter.

I will be sprung on Monday, they better bring me back some BBQ from Kansas.


ernest "do you have any cheese" basset

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

home again

I am back from lock down. I will be back at the slammer in a few days, things will change when dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin and my upgrade clears before yours.


I had a great time in the hoosegow according to the intelligence nmom received while flomphing on a beach in Hawaii. I roomed with a Portugese Water Dog named Lily and we had a blast.

On my return the moms and grand pere noticed that I am a bit bigger than they are trying to up my vegetables and cutting down my kibbleables.

this is what the dogs dinner really looks like


Then they show me this picture of me as a tiny puppy eating a squash!


My tastes have matured since then.

ernest basset out on good behavior

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shadow the VET tech did not pan out so I am at the hoosegow again.

I wonder if they can use me there as model prisoner, no doubt as I spend YEARS of my short life there.

Next week I will be 35 months old. I will be able to run for president for sure.

Today my THmom worked from home. She was not paying attention to ME instead she paid attention to the teleconference she was having. I made sure there was a percussion section. I played the Poochie Bells. I have first seat in the Poochie Bell Orchestra. Either that or I am going be really good at tetherball when they install the pole and put the ball down to my level.

They promise me a reprieve for a bit next week and then something about going to a wedding. I am not invited and that makes me mad. My Uncle is getting married and I am so excited because I am in love with my new Aunt! She appreciates me for my athletic prowess and ability to go on 4567 walks a day. I hope I make a good cousin too! I will pick up all cheerios so no one has to bend over.

More from the inside

inmate number 35077

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things have been pretty boring around here.

This is what we did on Friday night.

This is what I did after my Aunt Beth and Uncle Mark came over for dinner and basset smooching session.
I kid you not

This is what I did during my afternoon game of squeaky keep away from the apes. Please note my buns of steel.


I am in the process of being abandoned AGAIN and perhaps getting to be a helper dog at the VET! Is that cool or what?

Ernest Welby, DEM