Friday, September 03, 2010


I was stung by a wasp yesterday on my postprandial/pre-nakedization perambulation. That is the one where I wait until the moms have swallowed their last piece of pasta and place their napkins on the table. Then I start to whine and kvetch for my last walk of the night.

Nmom usually takes me because she can check on the world via the internets and keep up with my publicity while minding me while I walk.

Last night, I went to Armand's and then I turned around and started hopping. Nmom was worried, then I sat down and wouldn't get up. Did you know I am heavy? Nmom called Aunt D and Aunt A to go get Tmom. The nice neighbors waited with me while Nmom ran home to get the car to get me home.

By the time they got back - Aunt D. was checking me out. She's a surgeon so she knows what a bone is and has a proper bedside manner. The moms loaded me in the car and took me home.

Mama S. said that I would be okay and not to take me to the vet. My moms are such drama queens, but I appreciate that.

This is the email message Tmom sent out.

Dear All -

I am currently napping on the futon. Tmom suggests that, if I
feel well enough to climb up onto the couch and futon repeatedly, I must
be feeling better. With Mama Stephanie's reassurances, I was not taken
to the V-E-T. I took my Benadryl like a brave basset. I did not go for
having baking soda on my paw.

Do you think that Tmom will buy me a PlayStation with the money
she didn't spend at the vet? My paw does seem to get much worse
whenever I am close to the dog biscuit jar. How does that work? And
what is a "drama queen"?

Thank you to D for being the best human surgeon a basset could
ever have and Mama S. for always being the calming voice for my people
when they overreact.

Ernest esq.

P.S. Charly and Phrace and Spice: If you hurt your paw, or at least
your people think you hurt your paw, they do not get angry when you
leave baking soda pawprints all through the house. How cool is that?

Today I played the invalid, but I still managed three walks. I'm just avoiding Armand's lawn.

exit stage left,
ernest basset

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The summer has been interrupted to bring you fall.


We are not amused.

ernest summer dog