Saturday, August 01, 2009


Happy August! The moms have been busy trying to keep me cool and this requires not sitting in front of the computer, but fanning me with palm fans, draping cooling towels over me and feeding me ice cubes. Yes, they feel guilty because the terrible heat and 100 degree temperatures are ALL THEIR FAULT. I am now sleeping in the bathroom because it is the coolest place in the house that I will visit.

So, what is a guy to do?

Go to Rancho Oxboro and hang out with his sissy.

packing list

Other than that, I have a new best friend, Aunt Diane who is now dog sitting me! She rocks -- she takes me on a billion walks and five gagillion rides and feeds me biscuits at my will. I am encouraging the moms to leave more often, but for some reason, they feel that it is better that I leave for a bit. I heard some mutterings about sheep chasing, fox hunting and obedience for me. I think they are going to miss me a bit.

For now, I leave them with this....


The best way to think is to cover your head, but keep your ass where everyone can see it.

ernest, puppy over and out