Friday, May 18, 2012

Ball v2.0

I won this round of basset v. ball.

Happy Friday.

Ernest who is on his way to Casa Beagle with his pal Charlie.

edd to the NORTH!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My scribe is slacking again. I will give her credit for trying, she just needs to try HARDER.

How are you? I am well. It has not rained for over 12 hours. I am drying out, Now that the temperature has soared over 60 degrees, I am going to complain that it is too HOT.

 Summer rotation

This weekend I went to Casa Beagle on Orcas (not the whales) Island.   In the summer, we are ruled by the ferry schedule and the silly tourists. It's not so bad for me. I like the napping opportunities in the car. I would love them better if we were only going 23 miles an hour the whole way up to the ferry. For the moms, it is more traumatic - rush to get ready, curse traffic, drive like crazy, wait in lines, tap feet, take dog for walk, take dog for another walk, tap feet, drive, wait, etc.

Charlie usually travels with me. He's okay. I am caged like an animal and he is free.  What gives?


It's better than being stuck in a car with Annie.

Annie wants my pizza

Soon, I will get to hang out up top instead of staying down below on the car deck. Hello, beer!


ernest dog, at your service
and I'll take whatever is on tap