Friday, May 30, 2008

My TH mom will be home (I hope) soonest.

So, today I sing Happy Birthday a bit early too Miss Brador!

Joey and Tanner's mom and excellent cook and blogger! My mom loves her blog.

Last but not least ---- Tealeaf!

We miss you leafo! Nmom says she's coming to visit in September!

ernest who is squeaking between ringing

ed by nmom: TH mom cannot come home a nanosecond too soon.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Because my mom is running out of things to say about me -- I have been so angelic. I am meming with the best of them - Maggie and Mitch.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago? I was the apple of my grande grande mere's eye - Egret.

2) What are the five things on my to do list today? Go for five walks, run around and bay at my white ball, eat a sweet potato while rejecting the rest of my food, make my mom get me some kibbles, blog for my th mom

3) Snacks I enjoy: cheese, creamsicles, bonios, butternut squash, prada loafers.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire. Buy a jet to see my sissy when I wanted to, make sure that all dogs had clean water and good homes, give my moms a raise, make them retire and stay home with me, buy up the remaining open space in seattle and make dog parks and butternut squash gardens!

5) Three of my bad habits. Being a passive agressive flat basset, jumping on people to offset my flatness, doing my commando crawl when I am being passive agressive.

6) Five places I have lived. Rancho Oxboro, Goldendale, WA , Seattle, WA - 98105 and on occasion, the Academy

7) Five jobs I have had. presidential contender, blogger, love muffin, plastics inspector and comedian

You all can play along if you want.

ernest, four out of five dentists want to stimudent him

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Do I look like a crow killer?

For the record, I love birds.

Went to work today, was harrassed by crows, closed the wagon hatch so my biscuits would be safe.

Came home, went for another walk, mom then abandoned me and Aunt Carol came and visited me.

My mom came home smelling like bbq and nothing was saved for me.

I punished her by ringing my bell.

My mom said that the end of her reign of terror is near. TH mom made it through line 8, the 72 hour upgrade window for mvpgolds on Alaska and that means that late Saturday night I will get to crawl into her lap and fall asleep!


Other than that, its time for my fifth walk of the day.

nmom promises me tomorrow is the dog park.

ernest sniffing for nitrates basset

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A treat for ernest

You know how some Tuesdays feel like Mondays.

This one did for one small basset hound named Ernest.

First, he was awoken from a deep sleep to go on a walk.

He ate breakfast and then curled back to sleep.

Then he was rudely interrupted to get up and get ready for work.


Yup, work.

It was cloudy, nmom had a shady spot for him and there was a cheese stick as a bribe.

Off to work he went.

A few hours later, it was time for a walk.

The crows are nesting. They get very territorial and the believe that tiny black dogs and their tiny dark haired moms are going to attack their babies.

So, the dog and the nmom are constantly being attacked by the crows.

Baby crows, meh.

On his walk, before which he had a big drink of water, Ernest flat basseted six times. Six times, that means that his nmom had to right him six times. That is bad for her back and his.

He was also ignored by the Aussie shepherd, Bingo, who loves her Frisbee more than Ernest. Good thing that two kind souls came by to smooch him and tell him he was handsome.

When the returned to the bassetmobile, the crows had stolen Ernest's two postprandial biscuits and the rest of his low fat organic cheese stick.

Those menacing crows.

On the way home from work, Ernest went to see his Uncle Mike and got a pawdicure.

Things could only get better right? As much as he likes Uncle Mike, he does not like pawdicures.

He saw Armand, played on his lawn, barked at him. Went for two walks, where he flat basseted when he didn't get his way and was complimented on his looks, demeanor and his stunning personality.

He blushed, again.

Now, after checking the position of his th mom and wondering why it is not possible to create a overlay layer of station abundances on top of the grid so that interested scientists might be able to figure out what the heck is going on, he is chewing on a bone in his kennel.

His best Steve left him a biscuit. His grand mere inquired as to his health and when he would be back for a visit and his pre-bed ritual awaits his bone retirement.

Over and out,

nmom secretary and record keeper of the diary of Ernest the puppy, aged two years, two months and a few weeks

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thanks cleo!

Today I went to my gp&gms house for dinner. Mom gave me a treat, a bird from Cleo. I am in love. I honked all during hors d'oeuvres and then came by to see what was left when they sat down for dinner.

I was pretty good. No indoor boxes were marked by me.

Nmom was home most of the day, doing stuff without bassets, but I did see Minty, Finnegan, Rowena (a person) who met me and I got to jump on and then pulled my stake out of the ground when a golden retriever came by.


Instead of bbq, I had a bone. I am still looking for it, it seems to have disappeared.

Raw bbq

I'm sure I'll find it tomorrow. Right?

TH mom! Have you seen any dall's porpoises? porpii?

I can't wait until you are home. I need a break from

ernest the puppy friend to all

Sunday, May 25, 2008

for sale, by owner

Rain, followed by sun, followed by roaching, followed by passive agressive basset behavior. All followed by frosty paw rejection and gimpy paw.

My nmom went to grand meres and grand peres for dinner and did not take me. They were mad. They wanted to see their Ernest puppy grandson.

I wanted my own turkey burger, hold the pickles.

Tomorrow night the whole J clan is coming over. I hope for some serious head scritching time.

T mom have you located the fish sticks yet?

ernest the puppy

Saturday, May 24, 2008

After 15 minutes of zooming in the back garden

Today it was hot. Not so hot as last weekend, but since nmom abandoned me to go walk 10 miles with the hotties, I felt obliged to be a pain in the arse.

Well, not really, but on our pre-dinner/post nap walk I had to roach and flat basset seven times. She is threatening me with stimudenting during this period so that my teeth get cleaned.

I know Wally's ma ape spends a bunch of her weekends volunteering at the Delaware ASPCA, but my nm mom spends her weekends walking miles and miles and miles without me!

Leaving me at home, all alone, to guard the house.

Poor me.

If you loved me, would you see to donate to her cause and get her less obsessed on making her goal and more obsessed about the final few primaries.

Her page, no mention of me, dogs are not allowed on this event. Whatever.

ernest who is currently wondering if th mom can send him some cooler weather

Friday, May 23, 2008

good to the last drop

To whom it may concern:

We're out of ice cream.



Raining here, boring.

Hard to chew on a bone in the grass when its taller than Lorenza and its wet.

Guess I'll settle for a frosty paws.

Because it is Friday

TH mom we miss you. Nmom came home early to mow, but decided that her time was better spent being my cushion.

You have a better lap.

ernest the dry

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Poor TH mom:



17 feet, that is 17 bassets, 5 labradors or 3.5 wolfhounds stacked on top of one another!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A rainy Wednesday walk
Today was rainy.

I went to work with nm mom.

It was quite boring. I did go for a nice walk at lunch.

I had five walks!

Someone asked if I was going to sire a litter.

I blushed.

TH mom is so busy she has not even called us.

We're going to bed.

ernest squeaking like no one's business basset

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

waiting for TH

Hi it is me again.

If you are very excited to see two posts from me, ernest puppy in less than 24 hours, stay tuned.

For the next twelve days its going to be Ernest day by day to keep TH mom up to date with my goings on.

Once again, she's been keelhauled into pollock larvae infested waters to survey their distribution in relationship to other species to determine just how many pollock larvae will be infesting your
fish sticks in about three to four years.

How much fun can that be?


The five a day walks, the flat basseting, the chasing after butterflies, the jumping on top of you when you are reading the paper. does not have the correct sized lap. K?

ernest basset var. pacificus

Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet Bob

Meet Bob, he's a corgeagle (corgi/beagle mix). Is he not handsome? NMom met him while doing a Komen 3 day training walk. She is not allowed to take me on said walks but she cavorts with others. WTF?

On Sunday, my Mama Stephanie came to visit me! I had so much fun jumping on her and catching up with my sissie via her tennis shoes.

The moms were happy to see her and I was so tempted to jump into the passenger's seat and drive to the 509 just to spend time with Phracey.

Oh well. I'll have to wait until August 1. I wonder how many days that is?

ernest basset at your service

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Monday.

I have had a week. Lockdown with Skyler, a golden retriever and a joyful
return to my homelands in the 206.

This is my report card:

Click here to see the original, which is much nicer.

I came home and took a nap.


I slept so hard, I snored, which may be due to my smooshed face.


Today I was quite jaunty and hungry. Looks like the week is going to shape up pretty well for a basset, until of course it gets warm. 85 degrees in May? Yikes!

ernest basset made for the shade

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Back in the hoosegow again.

Moms are some "faux meeting", one where they pay their own way and walk around describing the gender disparity of space and the ennui of everyday life.

I wonder if Wally's ma ape goes to these meetings as well?

If so, can I put this sign back up?

on the search for wally's ma ape

I put it up at AAG and we never saw here there.

ernest jailbird basset

Monday, May 05, 2008


Two years and one day ago, my moms came to see me for the first time. T mom says she was skeptical about me. She didn't think I was very handsome and thought my sissie, the beautiful Phracey was much cuter and basset like.

I finally admitted to her that I did not think she was so hot either.

She was tall and she insisted on picking me up. spent most of her time amazed at my tininess and pointing a camera in my face.

I was not too keen on that.

Anyways, it all worked out. She grew to love me for my dark and handsome looks. I captured her heart when the moms to be started off to the car and saw Phracey and I walk away. She thought then I looked more like a basset and less like, I have no idea -- a beagle? A wolfhound? a German shepherd?

ernest free basset for the next 36 hours

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Because my mom is a doofus (sorry Joe and Tanner) she posted on her own self serving

To save you the click, here is the story.

Currently in one day lockdown, my lawyers think they'll be able to post bail tomorrow.

ernest jail bird basset

update: I should be out in about three hours.