Monday, March 31, 2008

Word to my TH's colleague Terry and his guide dog, Dutton who is getting a Ph D.

Is he not a noble dog?

I didn't get to meet him, but his fur lives on in one of our basset mobiles. said he was a sweet gentle boy and I was a bit jealous until I realized that Dutton
not only has to help Terry all day, but at night he has to do homework.

Good thing I came into TH mom's life when she was just pulling out her hair writing
and editing.

ernest puppy ABE (all but elected)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Remember me?

I'm running for something.

I'm beside myself this week. Last week, something my grandmere made for dinner did not work well with my tiny tender stomach, so the moms expended much energy to create delicious home cooked meals for me. I loved them.

Then they ruined it by buying kibble that is for dental health.

It was awful.

So, I refused to eat it and pretended I was sick again.

You get the picture?

Now, they are on to me and have bought me new food for canines who desire variety in their lives. Its sort of working, but I'm still holding out for orzo, cottage cheese, steamed butternut squash and organic chicken breast.

Now they are on my case to get my teeth brushed on a daily basis. I am getting more patient, but they are threatening me with another cleaning. I may be a handsome lad, but my breath leaves something to be desired.

When I had my teeth cleaned the last time, my xrays were sent to a doggie dentist who pointed out that my dental care could be better attended to with a electric toothbrush.

Uh, no. Thanks, I'm already tortured by the dremel twice a month, why add to my misery?

Instead I put up with putting her hand in my mouth and brushing my teeth with delicious poultry flavored goo and TH mom trying hard not to wretch while she holds me down.

Its tons of fun and fun for the whole family.

ernest trying to get the endorsement of four out of five dentists

Monday, March 10, 2008

looking for an answer

I'm going into lockdown for the next week while the moms rethink my campaign strategy. I think it has everything to do with the mail in primary fiasco in Michigan, but well, never mind.

You all know who the real winner is -- you and me because you are getting the word of ernest embedded in the milieu of life. Who better than to change things but dogs and their people.

Rocky, Nelson and the lovely ladies at the academy and the goldens left by their owners to cavort in Cabo will be helping me get through Pennsylvania and march on to the next hurdle gaining access to the print media and tv.

Oh, the moms, they are not propping up the US dollar by spending their disposable (hah) income in the US, they are off to France where they will increase their carbon footprint enormously and eat cheese that they could be bringing home to me.

They are not helping my campaign at all. They could stay home or vacation at Dollywood, Disneyworld, Branson or better yet, stay in tent in the back yard.

be cool dudes, i'll be back.

as if ernest the puppy had a say

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


My mom is going to start a flickr group for Ernest sticker/t shirt sightings.

Stay tuned kids.

First stickers sent out on Saturday, already received as far as Appomattox, VA. Is that cool or what?

Um, I'm acting up for my birthday. I'm very jumpy and sort of moody at the same time. I refuse to eat unless my food has been altered with something - pasta, veggies, beef stew. I am being cussid.

ernest done with Vermont, off to Pennsylvania where custard rules

Sunday, March 02, 2008

She'll get more of the bed without him around.

This is my birthday week! Phracey and I turn two this week. Wooot!

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled roaching.