Monday, August 13, 2012

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It is not safe out there.

A 6' Ball Yellow Bellied Python is loose in Cowen Park. I love to go this park on warm days with my  Uncle Dale.  The fact the python escaped on his own walk right before my walk was to commence was inconsiderate and poorly timed.  Are there not leash laws for snakes? I have to wear one. My walker also gets the pleasure of cleaning up my poops. Do snakes poop? If a snake poops in the woods does anyone hear it?

Can you believe this photo? Now everyone is going to want one of their own!

Ironically the snake's name is Timid and he is one scary looking dude.  He was seen entering Cowen park and headed towards the kid's play area. I hope he doesn't make it all the way into Ravenna Park where I like to sniff around the brush.  I wish Charlie was here to howl and scare the snake. Annie would just stare the snake down and then she could get the python skin made into a fancy handbag.  Python is hot this season as is yellow!

I would walk away from the snake because I am not a fool.  Antoine St. Exupery's Petit Prince has me a bit concerned because if a snake can swallow an elephant, he can swallow a basset!

We'll be staying on the pavement for the next few days and monitor the Twitter feed of this now notorious yellow bellied serpent.

Hissing from the ssssssidelines,

ernest the puppy


Anonymous said...

It's a jungle out there, Buddy. Be careful. Love, Aunt Ruth

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